Amazon expands into nappies

One of the odder stories I’ve written for Tamebay: Amazon in the US will be selling own-brand Amazon nappies (or diapers, if you prefer) on its US site soon exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

Dubbed Amazon Elements, the range of nappies and baby wipes will be available to Amazon Prime members only and competitively priced. Apparently a 40 nappy pack will start from $7.99. That’s 19c a nappy which I am led to believe is rock bottom. Ahem.

This is a good reminder that any seller on Amazon can find themselves competing with the retailer directly. In the US both Huggies and Pampers sell on the site and now have a new competitor.

It is doubtless a move by Amazon to create a whole brand of Amazon goods available conveniently and free via the site and Prime. Recode have analysed the move more fully here.