Amazon: could bike delivery trump drones?

Amazon have been tantalising the media with high-tech tales of drones for more than a year and they are even hiring in Cambridge to develop the next generation of fulfilment from the sky.

It has a hint of the ludicrous for us and would require legislative change in the UK and US to allow parcel delivery from unmanned, aerial robot delivery units. So much could go wrong. That said, one company is already developing special nets to receive the goods in a secure way nonetheless.

But in the Big Apple, Amazon is apparently now innovating back to an invention of the 19th century and getting back to basics when it comes to urban delivery. In New York City they are experimenting with bicycles. It makes a great deal of sense.

It’s a 1 to 2 hour service, $5.99 extra for Prime members and $8.99 for those who are not and they’re also providing for the riders.

They’ve opened a special clubhouse in Manhatten that not only offers a place for the two-wheeled deliverers to chill out and interact but it’s also a warehouse space that can take returns. It all sounds much more sensible than drones.