Amazon Anonymous comment on SMEs selling on Amazon

Tamebay published a piece yesterday about the Amazon Anonymous campaign calling to boycott Amazon this December.

Our concern is that such a boycott unfairly impacts SMEs selling on Amazon who do pay tax in the form of NI, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and Business Rates etc. Many will also pay a living wage. On The Amazon Anonymous website third-party Amazon sellers don’t get a mention.

We did receive a reply from them and it’s published in full below.

In the first instance, it’s really odd that the email isn’t signed by any individual and it does seem feeble to make such a protest and yet not put your name to it, whilst also asking people to sign up for a boycott.

Secondly, to their credit, they seem open to helping people reach SMEs selling on Amazon. But seeing as their own website is so emphatic regarding a total Amazon website boycott, it’s well worth wondering how heartfelt that is.

Here is the text:

“Thanks for getting in touch. The boycott is specifically about not giving custom to Amazon during the month of December – we are instead encouraging supporters to use independent shops, whether on their local high street or online, as they are businesses likely to be making a proper contribution to society, as you outline.

We would encourage people – if they want to, to use Amazon’s marketplace to find other sellers for products, and to then go direct to those sellers and cut out Amazon.

This campaign started with 3 of us, now ex-Amazon customers, setting up a petition in response to how Amazon treats its workforce. It has since expanded to shine a spotlight on Amazon’s other dodgy practices – including their alleged tax avoidance and the way it reportedly treats other businesses (some of these tactics are well documented by the likes of the publishing industry, and some businesses who report that they are bullied or undercut by Amazon e.g.). The Christmas boycott is a tactic we are trying to get Amazon’s abuses in the limelight for holiday season, and to mobilise some consumer power against the company.

In the long run, we are looking for Amazon to change its business practices – if for instance, they were to treat their workers better, pay their fair share of tax and play fair to their competition, then everyone else – customers as well as other businesses in the UK – would stand to benefit.

Thanks again for contacting us – we would like the Amazon Anonymous campaign to support small retailers where it can, including those who might use Amazon marketplace. We’d be very open if you have any thoughts on how customers could reach these sellers directly, or on other tactics we might try.

Amazon Anonymous”

Would it be useful for Tamebay to put together tips to guide Amazon boycotters to SMES selling on Amazon?