Watch out Cambridge, the Amazon Drones are coming!

Amazon Prime Air HomeAmazon is expanding its operations to Cambridge. Obviously, Cambridge is the home to one of the UK’s most ancient universities but it’s also a hive of technology and a number of high-tech industries and research labs are feeding ecommerce from bases there. Its a sensible new location for a tech-minded firm like Amazon which already has locations in Slough, London and Edinburgh.

Amazon snapped up Cambridge-based speech tech startup Evi Technologies two years ago and it seems now it’s establishing more of a presence. And it seems that Drones for delivery are part of the plan.

My real question is whether this Amazon Drones stuff is for real or whether it’s some sort of prolonged, futuristic PR tease.

But according to a report from Techcrunch it does seem that Drones are part of the Amazon strategy and Amazon is hiring for positions working towards that aim. They have been seeking a Flight Operations Engineer, for starters.

In the States, Amazon reported in July that it has sought permission from the US Federal Aviation Administration to test drones that could fly as fast as 50mph for up to 30 minutes at a time to deliver parcels weighing up to 2.3kg.

It all still sounds very far-fetched, but maybe it has legs. (Err, wings. – Ed.)