Rakuten.co.uk tempts buyers with Super Points

Rakuten.co.uk (Play.com as was) launched a few weeks back and we’ve been wondering how they will be attracting and retaining new buyers. It’s a crowded market out there and it’s hard to get cut-through and lure in customers.

But we have a bit of an answer in a promo they have revealed. They say: “Our brand new Marketplace has arrived and to celebrate, we have extended and improved our promotional offer until the 30th of November 2014. We are offering you a fantastic reward when you buy from any of our stores. Spend £20 or more and get £5 back in Rakuten Super Points to spend on your next purchase with us. You will earn Super Points with everything you buy on Rakuten.co.uk so start shopping and saving today.”

You can read about the Super Points promo and find full details here.

It’s not a bad little offer. But the real problem is that right now there is very little on Rakuten to buy so you can bag your Super Points.

This is the challenge with the launch of any new ecommerce site. It’s hard to get that virtuous circle going whereby you have sellers chasing buyers and buyers coming back for more.

Have you taken the plunge yet on the new Rakuten.co.uk marketplace and started selling? And if you have, have you enjoyed any success?

Tamebay’s position remains the same. Stick to what you’re doing this Christmas on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere. It’s unlikely you will get much return on efforts on Rakuten in the next few weeks and you’ll be busy anyway. The time to consider new horizons is in the New Year when the Rakuten offering might become more attractive. Until then, focussing valuable time and resources on current activities is the sensible path.