Printer problems puncture 3-5 day courier options

As part of my preparation before I move house in the New Year, I’m having a clear out. I’ve focussed on selling on eBay and am well pleased with some of the money I’ve raised clearing out what can generously be described as tat that I seem to have a lot of.

Never the minimalist me, but thankfully some of it is sought after. All the rest I don’t need, or can’t sell, is going to the charity shops and tip in due course.

And I’ve really relied on the 3 – 5 day couriers who for those things that are bulky or weigh in at more than 1kg. For such items Royal Mail really is prohibitively expensive and thankfully my nearest MyHermes Parcel Shop is just a few steps beyond my local post office.

However, one thing has proved a pain. Printing off the parcel labels that you affix to the boxes and packages.

My old printer just doesn’t like my new computer and I can’t make the two talk to each other so a friend has ben kindly printing off the vital info for my despatches.

Now, needless to say I probably have to invest in a new printer (which as a shame as there’s nothing wrong with it). But it does raise an issue with the courier services that require senders to print out that