Ongoing problems with eBay File Exchange

Towards the end of last month we reported that there were problems with eBay File Exchange. File Exchange is an eBay service that helps you bulk upload listings to eBay in a CSV format and also download sales reports too.

Now, I’m not clear whether we have a new set of problems with File Exchange or if the older problems are simply persisting but we’ve had a number of emails from readers who are having problems this week.

One seller has been in touch to day that he hasn’t been able to download the vital report he relies on for close to 48 hours. With roughly 400 or so despatches ready to go, this is the sort of delay no sellers need. Another seller has been in touch with eBay customer Support with a fairly similar complaint and was told that this was a known issue and advised “In this situation I request you to wait for few more hours” by a rep.

It’s got to be a cause for concern that a useful tool that many larger sellers rely upon just isn’t reliable.