How to sell a smartphone safely on eBay UK

iPhone 5s 5ceBay is promoting the sale of smartphones to sellers, especially consumer sellers who might not be totally experienced in the vagaries of eBay selling.

And it seems some sellers are being stung. Inexperienced sellers are getting ripped off on smartphone sales and eBay isn’t stepping up with their promise of protecting sellers whatever happens and hiding behind the T&Cs of the small print of seller protection. The smartphone selling arena is shark infested as media coverage testifies.

It is a tricky selling area, but most of the problems can be avoided. Here are my suggestions. What would you add?

UK Only
Stick to UK buyers only. State clearly in the listing that you are unwilling to ship overseas and make sure you have all your settings tweaked to reinforce that.

PayPal only
Don’t be persuaded to take any other payment method under any circumstances.

Pack it proper. Picture proof.
Make sure you pack your smartphone and photograph the smartphone as you pack it. Maybe even make a video showing the condition as it goes into your very well packed parcel. Don’t scrimp on packaging.

Ship to a PayPal verified address only
Double check that your buyer is bona fide and that means a PayPal verified address. Don’t be tempted otherwise.

Avoid the switcheroo
This is how several of the reports of problems I’ve read about happen. The buyer persuades the seller to send the phone to an address abroad or a location that’s not verified. Don’t do this. PayPal verified address, in the UK. No exceptions.

Send your phone. Tracked and signed for only
Absolutey make sure that your postage method will satisfy eBay in the case of a dispute. That means tracked. It means signed for. It’s so worth it and for a phone is inexpensive. Certainly way cheaper than a rip-off.

Make no exceptions. Stick to your guns.
As a seller you’re in charge. If you don’t like the cut of a buyer’s gib, say so. Set out all your conditions in the listing to be very clear.