eBay UK promote Click & Collect and Fast & Free in Christmas marketing

The eBay Christmas push is well underway with a subset of items on the site being promoted heavily to buyers onsite, in emails and via other media.

ebay hp festive
You can find the Christmas landing page here.

But one thing that interests me is that Click & Collect and Fast & Free are getting a lot of prominence. That’s hardly a surprise: eBay have ben pushing them both heavily this year.

I’ve spent a fair few minutes browsing the promoted categories and items and in my (highly unscientific) bit of research I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t either Click & Collect or Fast & Free. So I decided to ask eBay whether they were only pushing F&F and C&C.

Happily the answer was ‘no’ but it seems that if there is a choice of which item should be promoted by the filters then those with C&C and F&F will get precedence and be presented to browsing buyers.

Making a change of course this close to Christmas is unlikely to be an attractive prospect to many sellers. But if you’re not doing the volumes you had hoped for on eBay then this information may be useful.