eBay Click & Collect orders ARE covered by Seller Protection

We received an email from a Tamebay reader who was concerned as when they checked the PayPal payments page for some of their Click & Collect orders it appeared that they weren’t covered by seller protection. This despite the fact that they were shipping via Parcelforce with full tracking and an online signature.

What made the matter worse was that the seller telephoned PayPal for verification and some wires got crossed with the response and they were advised to cancel the sale if they weren’t willing to ship without seller protection.

Paypal Not Eligible

We’ve checked the situation with eBay and are happy to report that regardless of what it says on the PayPal payment page all Click & Collect orders on eBay are indeed covered by Seller Protection so long as you have the requisite proof of delivery. eBay told us:

“Due to a technical issue, some sellers are seeing a PayPal message saying Click & Collect at Argos transactions are not eligible for Seller Protection. We wanted to reassure you that all sellers are covered by eBay and PayPal Protections on these orders, and sellers should continue to ship items to Argos. We’re working hard to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”