Don’t get Amazoned!

Dont get AmazonedWiser, specialist repricing experts, think Amazon have too much power over their own marketplace. Their new campaign, “Don’t Get Amazoned,” wants to help unite retailers who feel Amazon is exploiting their data and using it against them.

The “Don’t Get Amazoned” campaign aims to give Amazon sellers practical tips on how to compete with Amazon, like reducing the amount of inventory they sell through the site, and using Amazon Product Ads instead. Using Amazon Product Ads means that when shoppers click on an ad for your product they will click through to the product page on your website to make the purchase thus hiding the transaction from Amazon.

Wiser say “Amazon is dominating the retail space but at what cost, to the industry as a whole? For Amazon sellers, the very marketplace they sell on shouldn’t be their biggest competitor”. If you’d like to join the Don’t Get Amazoned campaign you can sign up on the website.