Don’t forget: Best offer eBay UK sales are not eligible for Click and Collect

Just a reminder, because you might not have spotted it in the small print of the eBay UK Click & Collect, and neither did we.

But it seems that if you want your items to enjoy being part of the new Click & Collect system that eBay UK are rolling out right now, don’t use Best Offer. We were tipped off by a Tamebay reader who had been in touch with eBay Customer Support.

He said: “I was today invited to join Click & Collect. I have spent the evening revising my listings so that they comply with the criteria stated. But it still did not work.

I have just been told by a guy on eBay Chat that it is because I use the Best Offer option on my listings. Supposedly, Click & Collect cannot be offered from any listing that uses the Best Offer option. I was not aware of this, it is not something that is mentioned anywhere in eBay help. I asked the gentleman from eBay to show me where it was mentioned and he could not. He stated that I needed to remove the Best Offer option from my listings for it to work. I would therefore lose my sales history after re-listing! Bit gutted that I wasted so much of my time this evening.”

We can sympathise: it is a waste of time and the first we’ve heard here at Tamebay so be aware of this small print.

I’ve mulled it over the course of the day and cannot really see why a Best Offer sale shouldn’t be plugged into the Click & Collect system. People cleverer than me might be able to come up with a reason. Answers on a postcard.