Could opting out of eBay Click & Collect affect Best Match?

Over the past few weeks more and more small business sellers on eBay have been invited to start offering the Argos Click & Collect service on their eligible listings. We’ve written about this a lot and you can find out more in this recent post about the qualifying criteria.

I’ve had several conversations with sellers who have either already opted out of being included or are considering it. They all have perfectly plausible reasons for doing so: ranging from not wanting to make a change this side of Christmas in case it doesn’t go smoothly through to not needing it because all their parcels easily fit through most letterboxes.

But we’re in the dark on one consideration that might be critical to making the decision to opt-out of C&C: does it affect your Best Match ranking? That’s the search algorithm that determines the prominence of your items in eBay search results.

And we simply don’t know but it seems likely it might be one of numerous factors that might give you greater prominence and help you bob up the results. As I understand it, things like Free P&P, Fast & Free and Premium service play a part and with that in mind so might Click & Collect. But that’s a speculation.

So, unless you have a real objection to Argos Click & Collect it has got to make sense to stick with it for the time being and not opt out. Not least too because eBay are promoting such listings keenly.