Comment from eBay’s Tanya Lawler about recent site problems

Tanya Lawler 2014After Monday morning’s downtime on eBay, we asked eBay to comment on that and other site problem eBay has experienced this year. I’m pleased to say Tanya Lawler, Vice President of eBay in the UK has provided this comment:

“I want to be completely clear: eBay only succeeds when our sellers succeed. To do this you need to be able to trade without disruption.

You rightly expect a reliable platform and over many years eBay has enjoyed a strong track record of system uptime and reliability. Unfortunately in recent months we have experienced multiple issues relating to our infrastructure. Whenever this happens, we take steps to protect sellers but I understand the seriousness of these issues. Ensuring they do not happen at any time is critical, but never more important than right now as we enter the busy Christmas season.

Whenever there is an issue we thoroughly review what happened. Our technical team is putting in place measures to keep disruptions to an absolute minimum and to improve site performance to ensure our marketplace is more robust than ever.

We regret every moment where we do not live up to our customers’ expectations. Nothing is more important than providing a platform you can trust to trade on successfully. We are committed to ensuring our infrastructure maintains that trust every day.”

This is a strident statement and one of the strongest I’ve seen from eBay with relation to the recent site problems. That does suggest that the issue is being taken seriously at eBay HQ.

Needless to say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so we’ll see if tough talk is matched by action which means we don’t see any inconvenient downtime between now and the end of the Christmas rush.

The one concern that remains unaddressed is that of compo. Obviously, measures are in place to compensate sellers who have auctions that ended during an outage but as eBay keep telling us: auctions really aren’t the core of their business these days. Some sort of recognition to other sellers is surely in order. That said, prevention really is better than cure though.