Black Friday arrests and deals on eBay

So Black Friday is here, but many shops couldn’t even wait for Friday to arrive before starting their deals.

Supermarkets kicked their sales off at midnight and they’ve all had advertising on Radio and TV to encourage the desperate hordes to hustle to their stores. Overnight, Police have been called to shops across the country to try and restore order as shoppers fight for the best deals with several arrests having been made.

At least online you can shop safely without having to worry about getting crushed in a shopping fight. eBay will be running another in its series of WOW weekends from Black Friday, featuring deals with 60% off the RRP. As well as the Black Friday deals already live, around 50 further deals will be running from Friday to Tuesday. Top deals include:

Monster Clarity HD Micro (White) Wireless Speaker at £59.99 vs RRP £149.99 (seller: box_uk)

PS4 Console 500GB Bundle at £339.99 vs RRP £554.96 (seller: Shopto)

13.5 15 tog Silentnight Single /Double/King Spring Weight Duvet & Pillow Pair Bundle at £16.99 WAS £68.99 (seller: just_bedding_uk)

Disney Frozen wall mural at £24.44 vs RRP £69.88 (seller: Direct2publik)

XBoxOne Console 500GB Bundle at £299.99 vs RRP £399.99 (seller: Shopto)

Have fun if you’re shopping today but we’re hoping you’re going to be so busy selling as people get their final pay cheque before Christmas that you’ll be too busy picking and packing to do any shopping yourself.

Queue to view (and that’s online!)

Queue for Curry's websiteOf course even shopping on line might not be that easy, try to visit the Curry’s website today where they’ve promised a ton of discounts on electricals and you’ll find you have to queue. Yes that’s right queue to go shopping on a website and currently the queue is over an hour long! Even worse if you lose your place in the queue and have to stand in line at the back again before you can view the site.

It’s easy to laugh at a website that makes you queue to view, but in reality it makes a lot of sense. The alternative is probably a website running so slowly that no one can access it, or worse, a website that crashes entirely.