TravelersBox for converting your unused currency

Small Business Marketing Strategist, Author and Public Speaker John Hayes has spotted a new service which includes PayPal at Istanbul Airport.

He was in Istanbul speaking at the 10th Annual Turkey Call Center Expo where he talked about integrating social media activity in the call center environment. John was very impressed with the whole set-up, as an emerging economy – Turkey has some very smart tech companies and high caliber entrepreneurs.

TravelersBoxBack at the airport John’s impression of Turkish tech continued when he spotted a TravelersBox. TravelersBox have developed a new service which enables depositing coins and bills into TravelersBox stations to be converted directly into gift cards or make a donation.

One of the options is have the cash deposited into your PayPal account. In Turkey you can deposit Turkish Lira, USD, EURO and Russian Ruble, at their one box in the UK at Manchester airport you can deposit Sterling coins or Euros.

It’s an interesting service with a fee similar to the coin counting machines you see in supermarkets. TravelBox charge 5-15% will apply depending on the deposit amount, which might sound a lot, but then how many of us have a jar full of change which we fully intend to take next time we travel abroad but inevitably forget about?

Currently TravelBox have three locations in Turkey and one in the UK, but doubtless they will have more installations soon and competitors will also spring up to service other airports around the globe.