Sorry you were out, let me come back later…

While you were outWe often hear complaints about delivery companies, or more specifically some of the less favourable delivery experiences some of their employees give, so it makes a change when a delivery worker gives a service way above that you’d normally expect.

Last week I was out in the morning when the postman called. Normally he’s not down my way much before 2pm, so it was something of a surprise to find a Royal Mail missed delivery card in my letter box. I was less than amused as not only did I now have to trot off to the delivery office to collect my items, but I was out for the next few days so wouldn’t get them until after the weekend.

However my postman is quite simply fantastic! He had to come early to my house as one of the items was a Special Delivery item which had to be delivered by 1pm (more accurately it was a parcel from abroad which was treated as Special Delivery). Posties have to run all over their area to make sure that they deliver timed deliveries by the promised deadline.

But, when my Postman came back on his normal schedule with my letters he bought my parcels back round and delivered them on the day! He was obliged to drop the card in before 1pm but he didn’t want me to have the inconvenience of going to the Delivery Office so made the effort to redeliver them on the same day.

You don’t get service like that too often. Kudos to those Royal Mail employees who really do do their best to delight their customers.