Shopify launch ‘Build a Business’ contest

Ecommerce transactional website in-a-box Shopify have launched an international “Build a Business” contest with some spectacular prizes. Including an opportunity to visit Sir Richard Branson’s famous Necker Island.

Shopify have built and published a sparkling website with all the details but here’s how it works in brief.

Create a new store
Have a great business idea that you’ve always wanted to explore? Here’s your chance! Launch an online store with Shopify to enter the competition.

Compete to sell the most
Next, it’s time to get selling. After the eight-month competition, we’ll calculate your sales. Sell the most during the competition, and receive our grand prize.

Get mentorship
You could earn the opportunity to seek advice and guidance from our all-star entrepreneurs while we send you on the trip of a lifetime.

It would be interesting to hear from any existing Shopify users to hear about the service. But if you do enter the competition, good luck!