Royal Mail Xmas Small Parcel promo starts today

Royal Mail Christmas FeatFrom the today Royal Mail have increased small parcel sizes and their pricing promotion kicks in and will run over the Christmas period until the 18th of January.

If you’re sending a parcel using stamps, you’ll get a £1 saving compared with last year, for parcels sent 2nd Class postage weighing between 1 and 2kg.

Basically it means that you’ll pay the same £2.80 for a parcel up to 2kg as you would for a 1kg parcel. However Royal Mail have also taken the largest dimensions from their previous wide small parcel (Length: 45cm, Width: 35cm, Depth: 8cm) and deep small parcel (Length: 35cm, Width: 25cm, Depth: 16cm) sizes and combined them into one bigger size (45cm x 35cm x 16cm), so you’ll be able to send a larger range of items within the price format.

Sadly there are no discounts for 1st class post, although the increase in small parcel size remains. This means that it’ll cost you £5.45 for a 1st class parcel, almost double the £2.80 cost for sending on the slower 2nd Class service. That’s a saving we’d recommend, although it’ll mean adjusting your postage prices on eBay (or you can simply pocket the difference and have increased profits over Christmas).