Retailers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus

Online retailers are offering delivery options that shoppers don’t want but not offering the ones they do, according to new research from software company OrderDynamics.

A survey of 2,000 consumers on their retail expectations and a retailer benchmark study of more than 60 retailers on the services and experiences they offer revealed a startling mis-match and one which flies in the face of many recommendations.

For instance advice by many (including eBay) is that customers are demanding next day delivery and so 61% of retailers surveyed offered it but only 10% of customers are willing to pay extra for this service. The reality is that what 54% of customers actually want is a named delivery date however only 15% of retailers can confirm the delivery date at the time of placing an order.

The mismatch of retailer services and consumer expectations

Highly relevant to eBay’s recent Click & Collect initiative is that 32% of consumers reported they would use a click & collect service if it was available, and half of online retailers benchmarked provide this facility.

Kevin Sterneckert, CMO of OrderDynamics explains that customers do not see channels. “They have one relationship with and one view of the retailer, and they want to hear you say ‘yes’ to their desires and to deliver that experience ‘now’.” If they buy, they want the choice of which day the item will be delivered or the option of collecting it and their preference doesn’t necessarily fit pre-conceived ideas of what we may think we should offer.

OrderDynamics help retailers activate commerce from first interaction to final fulfilment with our Dynamic Action, Commerce Platform and Order Management solutions and services. You can find out more about them on their website and get more details their consumer survey and the retailer benchmark findings in their report ‘Customer Relationships: The rules of attraction’.