Promo: Responsive eBay template for £99 from Pentagon

Pentagon MobileeBay’s mobile usage is around 50% and growing fast, in the run up to Christmas we’d expect it to easily top 60% so it’s not surprising that we’ve had a lot of Tamebay readers asking how they can get a responsive eBay listing template. Today we’ve got a promotion for you to do just that.

Responsive design aims to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation with minimal scrolling across a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets and desktop computer monitors.

The guys at We Are Pentagon offer a full service management solution to some of the biggest names in retail and as part of their service have the ability to offer standalone responsive eBay template solution. Today they’re offering the first 50 Tamebay readers to apply a fully responsive eBay template to a design for just £99.00 (normal price still a bargain at £199.99).

The offer is open for one week only and the responsive functionality can be added to an existing design template as well as a newly created one. To take advantage of this special promo offer you’ll need to email, mention promo code tamebay14 and share a link to your eBay store and of course don’t forget to include your contact details.

The images on this page are for The Ratchet Shop’s eBay template designed by Pentagon, you can see the mobile view to the right and the desktop view below. You can view the The Ratchet Shop eBay shop online, other examples of Pentagon design are You Medical and one of their managed customrs, Ann Summers. You can also view a demo of Pentagon’s responsive eBay template design functionality and how it works for both mobile and tablet on the Pentagon website.

In order for the functionality to render correctly you will need to follow a process for listing items with your listing template so that the functionality applies consistently to each listing. Obviously for merchants who use third party software tools such as eSellerPro, Linnworks, Channel Advisor, BrightPearl, Neteven, Magento M2E Pro Plug for eBay, and other such tools to list their items there is consistency in listing process. However, even if you list manually Pentagon’s solution will work for you so long as you list items using same template and process every time.

Pentagon DesktopPentagon can also customise and implement mobile responsive functionality for eBay storefronts.

Because the work is bespoke each time and Pentagon have to assess the storefront they will add the functionality to you would need to contact them for time frames for storefront delivery and costs.

For eBay listing templates we think the £99 fixed price offer for Tamebay readers is a great price. If you would like to take advantage of this special time-limited offer from Pentagon, get in touch with them today.