Interview with UK eBay Boss Tanya Lawler

Here’s a bit of coffee time reading, if you haven’t seen it already. eBay head honcho Tanya Lawler has given an interview to the Mail on Sunday.

Sadly, there are no real revelations pr indeed insights in the piece but it’s worth reading just to reconfirm where eBay UK’s priorities lie at the moment. Think mobile. Think Click and Collect. Think retailers.

She says: “In the UK a lot of people have very busy lives so convenience is a huge part of what makes a customer satisfied. Just those simple things – doing what you say you are going to do for a customer, getting things to them when it suits them, offering good value products. A lot of what we are focusing on is making it easy to access the site through a device that suits you and delivering products at your convenience.”

I’d like to add a personal note to this piece but I can’t. Despite being in post for over a year neither Chris nor I have had the opportunity to interview Tanya ourselves. Which is a bit of a shame.