How to sell your novelty car tax disc holders

If you’re one of the unfortunate sellers of novelty car tax holders (Yes I know it’s “Road Fund Licence”), there may be a viable way for you to flog them which is more useful than the current crop of novelty “Yes I’ve Paid My Car Tax” discs.

Emergency Contact DiscWarwickshire and West Mercia Police have come up with a useful template for a driver’s next of kin emergency contact information disc which incorporates any important medical information. If you’ve a stock of tax disc holders you’re still trying to flog, it may be worth including a printed out template with each holder that you ship, or at least including a link to the downloadable template in your listing.

Of course there are a few things like residents parking permits or “Doctor on call” discs for which the public may require a disc holder, but it’s still going to be a hard sell. An emergency contact disc is about the best we’ve come up with to help sellers divest themselves of their stock of now pretty much redundant product.

If you’ve any better ideas to convince buyers why they should still purchase a car tax holder we know sellers who are all ears and would love to unload their stock.