How long are you waiting to get through to eBay UK Customer support?

We get a lot of emails from readers. Keep ’em coming. You’re our most vital source of stories and we love to hear from you.

But sometimes it’s difficult to pin down whether there might be a general, universal issue or if some eBay sellers are just experiencing isolated problems. We like to verify tip-offs we get (because relying on hearsay would be dodgy) and we look for multiple reports of eBay glitches. We also like to give eBay the right of reply too, where we can, so they can give their side of the story.

eBay Customer SupportIn the past few days we’ve received quite a few reports of long, long waiting times on eBay’s phone Customer Support lines and we wanted to open up the discussion to find out whether you’ve been experiencing delays. Some of the reports we’ve had have said that waiting times on the customer support lines were between 300 and 500 minutes. That does seem like a long wait.

We’ve also received (but not verified) several reports saying that on Saturday and Sunday this weekend that CS wasn’t taking non-urgent calls at all. The pre-recorded message is said to have alerted callers to long waits and to stay on the line for things that were urgent.

We’ve asked eBay about this and they have helpfully given us a statement for which we’re grateful:

We apologise that due to exceptionally high levels of calls, some members are experiencing an unacceptable delay in their calls being answered in the last 48 hours. We are sorry about this and have made changes to improve the situation significantly. We will continue to do all we can to keep delays to an absolute minimum.”

They have also noted that their records show that noone has been hanging on for anything like 500 minutes. The average wait time for TRS callers has been five minutes although some isolated callers have had longer waits.

eBay Phone Waiting TimesThere’s a lot of change on eBay for sellers right now and there have been glitches too that will add to the volumes. Servicing a large body of users properly for any organisation is a large endeavour. But it would be interesting to hear more views.

So how long have you been waiting recently on the CS lines?

Updated to add: Just checked the wait time as a buyer… it’s currently 37 minutes for a call back. Not unlike the call back times sometimes for my gas and leccy company. What do you think, good, bad or indifferent, at least if nothing else I know I’ve time for lunch before I’ll get a call back.