Have Amazon changed the Buy Box formula?

SalesTamebay reader Bernard has noticed some of his listings which previously performed well on Amazon are no longer winning the Buy Box.

Some early investigation appears to suggest that Amazon UK listings are now losing the Buy Box when competing other fulfilled by merchant listings offering Free Delivery. It seems the ranking of a fulfilled by merchant listing with FREE Delivery is greater than that without.

Previously an FBM listing with delivery extra only had to be 1p cheaper than the competing listing with FREE Delivery to win the Buy Box. Testing on a listing, Bernard says that “Changing prices manually in increments, the price (of listing charging delivery) difference now needs to be approx 2% (1.96%) lower than listing with Free delivery, to win Buy Box”.

This could be a one off or it could be a policy change that reflects a marketplace preference for Free delivery – similar to FBA products beating FBM products by 5% or so.

Have you noticed any difference with price and winning the buy box on Amazon? We’ve been unable to speak to any of the repricing services over the weekend, but if they’re reading we’d love to hear their insights.