eBay switches off native Windows XP support

eBay have announced that they too (as well as PayPal) will be turning off support for SSL 3.0. It was revealed that a Poodle security hole in SSL 3.0 made it undesirable to continue to support the outdated security protocol.

Both PayPal and eBay both support TLS, a more up to date protocol which essentially does the same thing. eBay say that they’re disconnecting SSL 3.0 as a precautionary measure, and that’s where things get tricky.

Windows XPIf you use Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 or above, Safari or Opera 5 or above everything will still work for you. However if you’re using Windows XP and haven’t downloaded an alternative browser to the default Windows Explorer then you’re in trouble. Windows XP doesn’t support any version of Internet Explorer higher than version 6 so some parts of eBay will stop working.

eBay and PayPal won’t be the only websites turning off SSL 3.0 support. Windows XP is a very old operating system now, but many thousands of people still use it, including many corporates who have never upgraded not liking Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and that’s despite Microsoft no longer supply security updates.

If you are still running Windows XP the best advice is to download an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Better still it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new computer, you can get a pretty decent laptop now for well under £300 running Windows 8.1 – It’ll be way faster and more importantly everything will work!