eBay confirm auto-relist changes

A number of readers have spotted that eBay have changed the automatic relist option from auto-relist 3 times down to auto-relist 1 time.

eBay have confirmed that this is a change which went into effect on the 6th of October.

The reasoning behind this change is that if the product hasn’t sold after being listed twice, there’s a likelihood that it could quite well not sell a third or fourth time. eBay suggest you revisit the listing and check things like price (are you competitive), title and description (have you got the right keywords), pictures, could you add more pictures (up to 12) or is your original picture clear in focus and large enough, are you using the right selling format and is your postage cost reasonable?

Of course if you do want your products to be auto-relisted there’s nothing at all to stop you using multi-channel software to do just that. However it does make sense to give your listings a sanity check at least once a month, especially those listings which have had zero sales.

Whilst there are some products which are simply rare and it might take six months for a buyers to come looking for them, the vast majority of products should be selling on a much more frequent basis. Otherwise it might be time to liquidate the stock, free up some warehouse space and some cash and restock with more attractive merchandise which will sell. Ultimately retail is all about churning your money over as many times as possible and the more slow selling stock you hold the less profits you’ll make by the end of the year.

eBay will also be testing some layout changes over the next couple of weeks. If you’re in a test group you may notice changes to headers, menus and links.