BST Ends, GMT starts this Sunday

Clocks back one hourYou probably don’t even need to be aware that the Summer is over and British Summer time ends this weekend. Your smartphone, computer and television will almost certainly take care of turning your clocks back an hour for you.

What you do need to be aware of is that your eBay listings will all finish an hour early if they’re live before Saturday and finish on Sunday or at later date.

Clocks go back this SundayEach year we have a rash of ebayer’s claiming eBay stole an hour from their auctions. But that’s not the case, for instance a 7 day auction will still run for exactly 7 days (168 hours).

As an example, if you started your listing on a 7 day auction starting last Sunday at 9pm, it will end at 8pm this coming Sunday. If BST was still current then your listing would end at 9pm this Sunday, but as the clocks will have changed 9pm BST becomes 8pm GMT hence your listing will end at 8pm.