BBC The Apprentice kicks off as bad as ever

The new series of The Apprentice kicked off last night in typical style with just about everything that could go wrong going wrong for the hapless candidates. It’s agonising watching to see them screw up as badly as they do but I still can’t help watching.

What’s worse, paying £150 to have t-shirts printed and then selling them to the printer for fifty quid (the girls team), or running out of time and leaving your t-shirts at the printers and not even picking them up (the boys team).

Sir Sugar wasn’t impressed with the girls choice of name either, decadence… some confusion with the word decade and celebrating 10 years of The Apprentice drew ridicule from Nick who had to explain calling yourself lazy indulgent layabouts probably wasn’t the best start in the board room.

Dan and I snigger each year and say if only we were on the program, although in truth we’d be rubbish. Maybe not quite so dismal on the tasks which we suspect are often set up for failure, but quite simply because neither of us want a job with Alan Sugar (or more correctly, neither of us want him breathing down our necks wondering why we’re in the pub instead of turning his two hundred and fifty grand investment into a business).

Do you reckon you’d make a great candidate on the Apprentice? Or if not, do you at least think you’d be able to sell a few products and be on the winning team despite the best efforts of the other candidates to derail any chance of success in the tasks?

If you missed the program you can catch it on BBC iPlayer, or watch the short recap with subtitles above.