50k free listings for invited eBay UK business sellers

Several of you have been in touch to tell us that there is currently a free listings promotion for invited eBay business sellers. It’s already underway. If you’ve been invited and are eligible then you can bag up to free 50k listings on eBay.

The personalised URLs and invites mean we can’t share an eBay page with you about it. But if you’ve been invited to participate then you should have had an email.

If you can get involved in this promotion you probably know about it by now, but it might be worth checking out your My Messages just in case you’ve missed the invite.

This year the trend has been very much for eBay to initiate targeted listings promos and this is no different. We have no idea what the target group might be. But, combined with the rescinding of the 90 days return rules, we wonder if eBay might be a little slack on listing numbers this year.