Twitter complaints of Kindle ads in Downton

Downton Abbey Amazon KindleDownton Abbey kicked off on Sunday evening this week, but there’s been a raft of complaints about the Amazon Kindle adverts appearing at each ad break.

At each ad break one of the Downton characters is pictured behind scenes absorbed reading their Kindle and supposedly oblivious to all that’s going on around them.

So called “Bumper ads” are nothing new, half the programs on commercial TV have them these days and seeing as programs can only be created if they’re commercially viable it’s hard to complain at the adverts in commercial breaks and if you’re sponsoring a program you naturally want your name and product on the bumper ads.

However the main complaint is how the adverts are set in Downton, views took to twitter to complain that seeing adverts with an ultra modern device ruins the illusion that the drama seeks to portray and spoils the enjoyment of the period drama.

What do you think, if you’re a Downton fan does the fact that the adverts are the show characters in period costume bother you or did you not even notice them that much?