Time to opt in to eBay Xmas Extended Returns

Christmas homeeBay have now enabled extended Christmas returns for sellers who wish to opt in. With extended returns you give buyers until 31 January to return any eligible item purchased between 1 November and 31 December.

If you’re an eBay Top-rated seller and you offer eBay Premium Service, any eligible listings that are excluded from Christmas returns will not benefit from your usual discounts and benefits, including your final value fee discount – your eBay Premium Service badge will also be removed. Your eligible listings will receive eBay Premium Service discounts and benefits again as of 1 January.

We know that many Tamebay readers will shudder at the thought of extending returns for a three month period. However from a buyer’s perspective it does give some reassurances. Last Christmas I purchased an electical item for my next door neighbour and the packaging was intact and showing no signs of damage. However when she opened it on Christmas day the product inside was damaged. In my case the seller was great and although they queried why it had taken a month to contact them as soon as I explained it was a Christmas present only just opened they arranged an exchange instantly.

By offering extended returns buyers will know that they have peace of mind for any exchanges or refunds for unwanted presents. Unfortunately from a seller’s perspective it does mean that some Christmas presents will be sent back for a refund, but if it increases sales by more than the rate of refunds it’s probably worthwhile. Only you can decide for your business.

Remember that you don’t have to offer Christmas returns on all of your listings, you can exclude certain ones. You can do this on your individual listings, or if you’re at an eBay Top-rated seller at an account level, go to your bulk listing tool and specify which listings you’d like to apply the extended Christmas returns option to.

To sign up to Extended returns all you need to is to visit the Extended Christmas Returns sign up page on eBay and click to apply to your eBay account (don’t forget to log in and apply to each of your eBay accounts if you sell on more than one eBay user ID).