Tax Equality Day – A valid excuse for a lunch time pint

At Tamebay we like a pint or too and we’re guessing a lot of our readers do too. That’s why today is a great day to take a break and go out for lunch and take your staff with you. Either that, or treat them to a pint after work.

Vat Equality DayToday is Tax Equality Day, organised by the Jacques Borel’s VAT Club, it encourages members of the pub and restaurant trade to lower their prices by 7.5% to demonstrate the value of a 5% reduction in VAT rates for the hospitality trade. Pubs, restaurants, bars and clubs all pay 20% VAT whereas many supermarkets pay zero VAT on food sales and Tax Equality Day aims to highlight the disparity.

The group, formed in early 2010, is led by Monsieur Jacques Borel, who has successfully campaigned for lower VAT rates across Europe. The members of the Vat Club Jacques Borel are a cross-section of 40 high profile companies from the pub, restaurant, hotel and foodservice segments who are keen to promote the employment benefits of a lower VAT rate for the sector.

We’re all in favour of lower prices for beer and for eating out, especially with the ever increasing amount of pub closures. There are forty major supporters of Tax Equality Day (although sadly they don’t all serve alcohol!) including the likes of JD Wetherspoons, Prêt a Manger, Shepherd Neame, TGI Friday’s, Young & Co, WH Brakspear, Punch Taverns and Fuller’s.

The Publican’s guide say that “Last years event helped to boost sales by up to 20% in some places. Wetherspoons saw an increase of between 10 and 23% and are hoping for better this year as they are aiming to make it the busiest day of their year”.

Enjoy your pint!