Tamebay poll: Will Scottish independence be good for ecommerce?

Hoots mon.

Tomorrow the fine and fair people of Scotland go to the polls in what is likely to be the most important ballot we’ve seen on these islands in more than three decades.

I say that as Briton living in England. It’s bigger than a general election for sure. It’s bigger than a devolution vote. It’s possibly only comparable to the EEC referendum back in the 1970s. A poll, incidentally, I was too young to vote in. I was born in 1977.

So we thought we’d have a straw poll ourselves on Tamebay on a specific aspect of the independence for Scotland debate. You can find the question below.

Set aside your cultural and ethnic concerns, your love of whisky or hatred of the English. Pull down that thinking cap and consider the question of independence in hard-nosed business terms with your ecommerce expertise at the fore.

What do you reckon?

If you feel like giving your reasoning below, in a comment. Please do.

Would your ecommerce business be better off with Scotland as an independent country?

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And if you need some music as you decide, we suggest you try this.