Possible delays in shipments from China

We’ve heard from Tamebay reader Julius that he has several shipments stuck in a log jam at Hong Kong. Many Chinese shipments will go through Hong Kong on their way around the world and apparently customs there are running slowly.

We’ve heard several reasons for this, a recent jewelry smuggling ring was uncovered and more recently confiscation of 2 tons of counterfeit currency. This apparently led to additional customs checks which are delaying shipments.

There are also stories of Apple reserving large amounts of air freight to ship the latest iPhone models in the run up to Christmas. This means that if your supplier tries to avoid customs issues in the ports, they may simply run into further troubles trying to ship your stock by air.

If you have any additional information or if your shipments have been delayed please share anything you know in comments below. Additionally it goes without saying if you still have orders to be shipped for the Christmas selling season it makes sense to pull them forward as early as possible to ensure you get your stock in time.