Listings corrupted and eBay glitch update

Tamebay reader Martin was one of the few who were able to access eBay during this week’s outage. However that may not be as good news as it sounds. He tells us that although he created some listings there are issues to be corrected

He told us: “Yesterday afternoon between 1600 and 1800 I did a number of new listings using “Sell similar” from a current listing“.

I happened to look at one of these today and discovered it hadn’t taken the changes I had made or had only partially taken them – One had just the right photos with incorrect title and description. Another had right title and photograph but incorrect description. I’m checking the others now“.

Martin added “Other users will want to know listings from this time period may not be right and need checking“.

We’ve heard from plenty of people who couldn’t log on to eBay. Did you manage to create any listings and if so, are the images, titles and descriptions all present and correct?

We’ve also received an update from eBay stating: “While many users were unaffected, we know any interruption for our users is frustrating. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused the buyers or sellers involved. We will credit sellers for fees related to listings affected by this and make sure their seller rating is not impacted by defects or the inability to upload tracking or print shipping labels. Affected sellers will be contacted by email in the coming days. We understand the high expectations our community has for our platform. We’re working now to put safeguards in place to help ensure this issue doesn’t happen again“.