Introducing a new marketplace for food: Yumbles

It’s interesting to note the new marketplaces that are emerging now in real and exciting ecommerce niches. Yumbles is a new one on me that’s a specialist marketplace honed to people who are selling food stuffs.

It’s a lovely site and it’s got lots of mouthwatering items up for grabs and I can see that it’s got some good traction bringing some interesting suppliers on board. It was founded last year by a husband and wife team. Obviously, it currently focusses in things that can very easily be sent in the post. Jars of jams and preserves, sweets and luxury items too. I registered with the intention of buying.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finalise my order because I got a bit of a postage cost shock at checkout. The 2 – 3 day delivery charge for two jars of chutney from the same producer was an eye-watering £8.20. That more than doubled the total price I was paying. It seems to me that getting to know some of the 3 -5 day couriers which can provide much cheaper shipping should be on the Yumbles’ to do list