Free eBay UK Defect Tool from bayacademy

bayacademyGeorge is a Tamebay reader who is always looking for ways to streamline his business and the businesses of his clients at bayacademy.

One thing he’s been working on with a number of our clients is to look at their defect reports and target improvements. However it was a pain to identify which transaction a defect actually related to so George decided to develop a tool for UK sellers to do this.

eBay UK Defect ToolThe bayacademy eBay UK Defect Tool is now live and free for anyone to use at

All you do is download your defect report, make sure you’re signed into eBay and then enter the Item ID & Transaction ID for the defect you want to identify into the eBay UK Defect Tool. Click and the relevant sales record will open in a new window.

Currently the tool only works with multiple item listings but for the majority of sellers with deep inventory that shouldn’t be an issue. You’ll probably want to work on defects coming from your best selling lines first anyhow.

It’s worth remembering that George has made this tool available free of charge (originally it was intended as an internal tool), so it’s provided as is. However if it helps you George will be delighted for you to use it for free.