Farewell Uncle Joe Adamson

Uncle Joe Adamson hmTamebay lost a dear friend a few days ago, Uncle Joe Adamson of Uncle Joe Radio had a mission to “help others succeed by helping them help themselves to success”.

Uncle Joe was a PowerSeller on eBay for as long as I can remember, he was always at eBay Live! events in the US, was inducted into eBay’s Community Hall of Fame, an eBay Certified Education Specialist and more recently a Top-rated Seller.

After careers in sales, computer network design, and mass communications (photography, broadcasting, journalism, public relations), Uncle Joe faced problems when his health declined – how does someone unable to sit down and perform start-to-finish linear work ever get anything done? His solution was to live in a virtual world where in his own words “gaps in time arenโ€™t such a big deal”, and Uncle Joe not only made it work but became one of the best known eBay sellers on the North American continent.

With time on his hands Uncle Joe made it his business to know everything about eBay, how it worked, how to run a business on eBay and how to make selling on eBay easier and more profitable. Not only that but he made he was also known by everyone in eBay from eBay execs down to his local eBay seller Meetup Group in Oklahoma City.

Uncle Joe was a prolific sharer of information, not only on his own radio show, but eBay radio and many other eBay focused radio shows in the US and he always knew the right solution to any eBay problems – again in his own words he often said “My advice is free, and worth every darn penny, too!”.

We’ll miss Uncle Joe, it’s hard to find the words to say goodbye to an old friend so rather than try here’s Uncle Joe telling a little of his own story. Seeing how enthusiastic he was about the very latest technology and how he made it work for him is what made Uncle Joe an inspiration to everyone he met.