eBay website crashes down on Sunday #ebaydown

eBay’s website has crashed again. Late this Sunday morning our in box started to fill with emails from people unable to log into eBay.co.uk, and here at Tamebay Towers we’re unable even to view the site.

We’ve little information other than the problems appear to have started around 11am and at the time of writing at 2pm the site is totally down.

eBay Downdetector

This is the third major outage in little more than a month. eBay crashed in spectacular style on the 12th of August and then again on their 19th Birthday on the 3rd of September. Now just 11 days later the site has fallen over again.

Whilst it’s almost inevitable that all website will have issues occasionally, for a site with the size and reputation of eBay it’s simply unacceptable. Sellers will start to wonder if they can rely on the site in the run up to the peak Christmas selling season and if buyers find that they can’t buy on a Sunday afternoon they’ll be off spending their money elsewhere and may not be quick to return.

We’ll update as soon as we have more news, but in the mean time please let us know if you’re able to access eBay either as a buyer, a seller, if you can view the site at all or if you’re able to log in and make purchases or view your My eBay.

Edited to add: It’s coming up to 5pm and it appears that eBay is coming back online after an outage of around six or so hours.
eBay Downdetector 2