eBay Insights video: information is power

We wrote about eBay Insights just a few weeks ago as part of the Seller Release.

It’s clearly an immensely valuable tool that’s really going to be useful to those who are given access to it.

Check out the video below which does give a sense of how bloody powerful it will be… if eBay allow you to have it. It’s worth noting Amazon give access to similar tools gratis to all sellers.

As it stands, as we understand, eBay Insights is only currently available to retail sellers in the UK, managed accounts and those with Anchor Shops. In the era of Big Data, eBay are still suspicious cold warriors, sadly.

Information is power and this is powerful information for SMES and I’ve really got to question why eBay is being so shy about making this available to such a select, small cadre of sellers. Hopefully they will in time chill out.

Would you like it? How much would you pay?

Or rather shouldn’t it just be free to all business sellers?