eBay hide time stamp on feedback

It looks like the way that feedback is displayed may be about to change yet again on eBay. That is to say it’s already changed on eBay.com and what happens over there tends to happen in the UK eventually.

The latest feedback display in the UK shows the feedback comment, seller ID and date/time stamp.

eBay com Feedback

However hop over to eBay.com and you’ll find that the item number is missing ad the date/time stamp has been replaced with “Past 1 month”, “Past 6 months” or “More than 12 months”.

eBay UK Feedback

Most people won’t care about this, after all feedback is what it is – a past record of green dots for buyers and the addition of the occasional grey or red dot for sellers. As a buyer if you want to see what you purchased you can of course browse your own purchase history rather than your feedback so your own record is intact.

The only people who are likely to want to investigate other people’s feedback are those looking for dodgy buyers wanting to contact other sellers or possibly more legitimately for verification that a buyer makes high value purchases for credit checking.

Of course the shill hunters will be annoyed.

Sellers will no longer know exactly when a particular feedback comment was left, but if it’s DSRs you’re worried about that’s now fully revealed in your Defect Report so you no longer need to go hunting.

I’m struggling to get excited and care whether this rolls out to the UK or not. What do you think? Is there a reason you like a time stamp on feedback or does it not bother you in the slightest?

For those in the US, if you do want to see time stamps then (currently) you can view them simply by using eBay.co.uk instead of eBay.com.