eBay glitching again? UPDATED

We’re hearing that eBay are having some technical issues once again this morning. We’re a bit sparse on details as the site seems to be working perfectly well at Tamebay HQ, but others are reporting “Page Not Responding” issues.

This comes less than a month after eBay’s last issue, which turned out to be caused by upstream Internet Service Provider issues.

We’ll update you if we hear more news, but in the mean time please let us know in comments below if you’re having problems accessing or using eBay today.

Updated to add: eBay tell us that the glitch has been fixed, only “My eBay” was impacted 🙂

Update: As of about 6pm this evening (Wednesday) it looks like this problem is reoccurring.

Update: 19:30. comment from eBay – “We are aware that some users may be experiencing problems when signing in to the eBay Site. We’re quickly working to resolve any issues and apologise for any inconvenience to our users.”

Update 20:30. comment from eBay – “Today, some eBay users are experiencing issues when signing in to the site. Based on our initial investigation, this appears to be the result of technical issues that occurred during scheduled server maintenance.

It is only impacting a portion of our users; most eBay users are unaffected. We’re working to resolve this issue quickly and will continue to keep our customers updated. We apologise for any inconvenience to our users.”