eBay “Cancel Transation” refund/return glitch

Where's the refund option gone?

Where’s the refund option gone?

Sellers who are trying to process refunds for customers are finding that the “Cancel Transaction” option is missing from eBay.

The option to “Cancel Transaction” is only available for items which haven’t yet been despatched. Once an item has been shipped there appears to be no way to cancel it unless the buyer opens a dispute or uses the eBay Managed Returns Process. Of course if you’ve had a return from overseas there’s no way for the buyer to use the Managed Returns process in the first place.

Many great sellers include returns advice (and in some cases even a pre-paid returns label) in with their shipments making returns easy and simple for their customers. However now when a return arrives back at the warehouse they’re unable to perform the refund on eBay.

Of course you can always refund from within PayPal, but doing so means that you won’t get your final value fee refund from eBay. At 10% final value fees that means for each 10th item you have returned you might as well have given one away for free!

A session on eBay’s Chat help facility reveals that this is a known site issue. Whilst they’re working to fix the issue (which is affecting every seller who needs to refund a buyer), we don’t know how long a fix may take. In the mean time buyers will either be left waiting for refunds from sellers who normally refund promptly, or sellers will have to refund through PayPal and take a hit on the eBay final value fees.