Custom eBay International postage missing

There may be an issue with eBay International postage rates specified on your listings in the latest eBay update with the postage you specified carriage for as a specific location missing.

Tamebay reader Chris tells us “For all my items offering international postage in the Edit Listing mask the postage countries have been set to Zero where I had a custom location for example Germany £3.50. The Worldwide section is still correct but any items with Custom locations are now only showing “Choose Custom Location” and no longer the country selection“.

International Postage SNAFU

The good news is that the postage rates that you specified are still showing on the front end of eBay on listings to buyers. However go into the back end of eBay to edit your listings and you’ll discover that the postage rates are missing and you just have a selection box option “Choose Custom Location”.

eBay International Postage Custom LocationsIt looks like eBay have made some changes – we don’t remember having seen Greece, Italy, Spain or Russian Federation as custom countries in the past, so it may be that eBay have added in new countries and that’s caused the issue with existing locations.

The best advice we can make at the moment is to make NO changes to your listings, there’s a good chance that eBay will get the glitch fixed and your prior locations will be restored. As the full postage rates are being shown correctly to customers in the countries you previously specified doing nothing won’t do you any harm at the moment. Plus your UK postage rates would appear to be correct.

If you do make any changes it’s possible your previously specified international postage rates will be wiped and when eBay fix the issue won’t be restored.