CrazyLister for DIY low cost Pro eBay templates

Viktor Levitin and Maxim GodinViktor Levitin and Maxim Godin were full time eBay sellers. Not only that but eBay awarded them with a certificate of achievement for outstanding sales.

Now they’re looking to help other sellers and their first product, Crazy Lister, aims to help you to create outstanding eBay listing descriptions at a fraction of the price of a pro listing template.

Viktor tells us “I don’t know HTML nor am I skilled in web design. When I was working as a seller on eBay, I had to spend days watching photoshop instructional videos, (read: snooze). Through meticulous work (and by meticulous I mean tedious work) and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I managed to revise the listings…. But then it dawned on me: there should be an easier way to create professional, aesthetic listings without extensive knowledge in web design“.

The solution was with a lot of hard work and a dedicated team of optimization specialists the creation of CrazyLister.


CrazyLister is a super easy Drag&Drop editor for eBay sellers. It allows any seller with zero coding skills to create professional, 100% customizable listings. Making a change to a listing takes only minutes or seconds, compared to hours of coding.

And it gets better: if you want to add something like a YouTube video to your listing you simply use CrazyLister’s editor to drag the video icon onto your design template and input the URL address of the video. Try comparing this to manually copying a piece of code from YouTube and finding the correct location in the HTML code of the description!

CrazyLister is not a full blown listing tool (it’s not TurboLister), but what it will do is enable you to produce professional looking listing templates so that you can cut and paste the code into the listing description box on eBay’s Sell Your Item form (or your preferred listing tool). And you can do this with zero knowledge of HTML, all you need to know is CTRL C to copy the code and CTRL V to paste the code into your eBay listing (see the video below).

There’s a free version of the tool as well as a paid version ($8.95/mth) for those that want to save more listing templates. If you want to trial CrazyLister then the free version has all the features included in the Pro paid version.

You should expect loads of development coming down the road for CrazyLister. Viktor tells us that they’re looking at full listing and management tools for the future and one of the first enhancements coming will be responsive listings so that you’ll be able to create listings that look just as good on a mobile device as on a desktop.

In the mean time here’s a video showing just how easily you can create professional looking listing templates in CrazyLister and you can sign up today to start using CrazyLister today.