Windows disconnect Skype on Windows 7 phones

SkypeMicrosoft have discontinued Skype on all Windows 7 mobile phones in what would appear to be either a genius or an incredibly dumb move. Soon, you’ll no longer be able to sign in and use Skype on any Windows Phone 7 device.

Skype now owned by Microsoft is the worlds best used instant messaging and telephony app. After the purchase Microsoft also rolled their Windows Messenger into Skype so it’s their only instant messenger available.

By discontinuing support for Windows 7 mobiles, anyone that wants to use Skype is faced with two options – Either buy a Windows 8 smartphone (genius move, more sales), or dump the Windows operating system and buy an Android or Apple smartphone (dumb move, Windows mobiles aren’t selling very well in the first place so why alienate your own customers?).

The long term impact could be even greater for Microsoft however, how many children get their hand-me-down mobiles from their parents or older siblings? Many Windows phones can’t be upgraded to Windows 8 so basically if you want Skype a Windows 7 phone is useless.

What’s even more bizarre is that Microsoft support Skype on relatively old Android and Apple mobiles – Android 2.3 or higher and the iPhone 4 or newer, running iOS 6 or higher. Why support third party platforms for longer than you provide your loyal customers on your own products?

The value and attractiveness of your old mobile phone just bombed if it’s Windows 7, so sell it now if you’re thinking of upgrading and get maximum value before it’s completely worthless.