Paul Todd appointed new SVP eBay Marketplaces Europe

Paul Todd hmI’ve just had the pleasure of speaking to the newly appointed Senior Vice President for Europe, Paul Todd.

Paul is a Brit, not only that but he’s a northerner born and bred in Sunderland and the years of working around the world haven’t ruined his accent either!

Paul came to eBay via a circuitous route, educated at Cambridge University it was a role at McKinsey & Co that gave him the opportunity to move to Silicon Valley right in the middle of the dot com boom. That was when he fell in love with technology and the Internet and from then on his career via McKinsey, Google, Rearden and eventually eBay took him to Seattle, London, Bay area and now Zurich.

Married with two children, Paul has a typical eBay family buying the normal combination of things that you can only buy on eBay. His prized eBay possession (kept hidden away in a cupboard out of view, at his wife’s insistence) is a Sunderland Football Club match ball signed by both Niall Quinn and Kevin Phillips.

Paul is also a keen photographer, so buys lenses on eBay as it’s convenient and more importantly he can find right deals at right time – not always easy when you’re moving around the world.

Next for Paul is to finalise moving his family to Zurich, no small task when you have a 9yr and 12yr old. His children are looking on it as a big adventure. They’re looking forward to shopping opportunities in Zurich and although they’re going to have to learn to speak a new language there’s a large ex-pat community in Zurich so plenty of support networks to help them get settled in.

It’s somewhat reassuring to know that the new eBay SVP Europe is a down to earth brit, someone who sounds as if they’d be just as at home on the terraces watching a Sunderland game or enjoying a post match pint in the pub, as they are in the eBay board room.

Whilst running eBay Europe Paul will obviously be looking to grow business in Germany, France ,Spain, Italy and other key regions but it’s hard to ignore the home team influence of having a Brit at the helm.

We wish Paul well in his new role and look forward to hearing more from him when his family are safely settled in Zurich and he’s firing on all cylinders to get eBay sales growing.