myHermes add CSV upload option for Linnworks

If you are using Linnworks then you can now use myHermes to deliver your parcels with an easy way to upload your delivery information to myHermes in bulk.

You can now upload Linnworks CSV files containing details of your orders straight into the myHermes system, so the shipping process can begin. Previously you would have had to ask Linnworks to directly make the changes to your account to enable you to export the CSV files in the myHermes format, or make the changes to the files manually, which was a time-consuming job.

Once the you’ve processed your shipments, myHermes will generate a confirmation file, including tracking numbers, which can be uploaded back into the Linnworks system in order to push out confirmation emails to your customers.

In addition to these latest improvements, Linnworks will soon follow eBay, Amazon, Shopify and ChannelAdvisor as the latest e-commerce platform to be fully integrated with the myHermes website. It’s expected that the integration will be completed this Autumn.

If you’re a Linnworks user and would like to access myHermes parcel rates (which start from £2.78 inc VAT), there’s a pdf document with full instructions on how to use the Linnworks CSV option.