Is this the worst defect rate on eBay?

Stuart has been selling on eBay for about 10 years or so in one way or another, so you could probably class him as an experienced seller. However he has the worst known defect rate on eBay – 32.5% (at least until we can find someone to beat his record!).

Stuart explains that until about three weeks ago he never realised you could block buyers from countries you don’t want to send to. Even worse if you don’t do this buyers from those countries can still buy from your listings even though you don’t offer international postage on them. Here in Stuart’s own words is what’s happened:

What went wrong

We would get 2-3 buyers a month from the USA buy fragile items we could not send, we did the polite thing sent them a message and said we were sorry we could not dispatch the item to the USA opened a case and then it was closed.

The bloody annoying thing is that only a couple of weeks prior to finding this issue with our USA defects did we discuss selling the smaller, non fragile items to the USA as we were receiving a lot of interest from there.

I called eBay and explained the situation and the problem that there is no point in us listing anything for there as we are soooooo far below standard it will take a month of Sundays to get it back. Not interested nothing they can do! Basically eBay have now shot themselves in the foot as I can’t list products. Instead I emailed Amazon and within 24hrs we opened a USA account and sold the first item within 48hrs.

eBay is crackers and still keep cocking this type of thing up! All they had to do was think ‘ah yes we can see this not really a defect as you don’t list in the USA and it’s an honest mistake. To now help you list in the USA (plus make us some more money) we will wipe the defects for cancelled transactions so you can have a fresh start’ easy, simple and makes total business sense, doesn’t it?

Go to JailWhat can Stuart do?

Stuart added that it might be worth a warning to others thinking of international expansion, unless it was just him that missed the memo about blocking countries…. warning delivered!

I wish we had some constructive advice for Stuart, surely eBay’s defect rate is not intended to punish eBay sellers but more to educate them on how to improve. Now all Stuart can do is sit there for a year until the defects drop off his dashboard.

A year is a long time to wait and I can promise eBay it won’t make him a better seller. He’s already learnt what he did wrong and put steps in place to prevent it occurring again.

Come on eBay… how about some parole for a reformed seller?

What’s your defect rate?

Are you still top rated? What’s your defect rate for UK, Germany/Austria, USA and Global?